Lowpoly landscape

Hello guys. Here is my first low-poly render. I must say I am quite satisfied with it. But I want to ask you… Is there anything I can do better? Should I add or change something?

And one more question… originally I was rendering it at 3000 samples, but the yellow dots were there, too. So I stopped rendering and rendered it again only at 1000 samples. Is rendering it at for example 5000 samples going to fix it?

Thansk for any feedback. :slight_smile:

Are you sure those yellow dots aren’t objects you forgot to hide. Overall I like the scene maybe a bit too dark and the focus of the house could be more intriguing. Well done.

Thanks for your feedback. I thing that those yellow dots are from lamps that I gave for light, but it really aren’t objects. (I mean, those little dots on the road in front of house)

In that case I would use just one spot light to light that part of the scene also you can create invisible plane emitters.

Some lighting tips

I made some little changes on the house and I render it at 5000 samples. Yellow dots disappeared so I thing it was that. And the last change - It isn’t too dark. Is there anything else that would spoil the look of the picture, please ?

That’s looking a lot better Vena, but get rid of those spots for lights. It looks bad. Have you tried adding a spot light instead.

space > add lamp > add spot light

what lightspots? the lightsorce that is casting shadow on to the mountains? i think that adds more to the image. love it.

the only two lightsorces i can see is the fireflies and the windows ._.

great render!

If those yellow dots are fireflies they’re way too big. Not sure what they are but it is distracting.

well you cant really make them too small either… i think the size is fine.

Well, I can try it. Thanks for tips !

I tried it (change the light and fireflyes) and i thing that the first version is much better.