LowPoly Model

Okay, after working on this model for around 3~4 hours
I finished the basic shape of it
anyway, here are the .blend file

comment please…
this model is suppose to be in game and animate-able

Thanks in advance

Added Picture

Do you think it is possible to be rigged?
And it have around 1034 vertices… do you think it is low poly enough for game model?
(Assume that after adding all the etc in to model is around 1700++ vertices)


Nice start. The head could use some optimization (and ears :P) As a base mesh it looks pretty solid.

Thanks for the comment and by the way, it is meant for game model
so I try to kept it low poly

anyway, any more suggestion

Sorry, but some wireshots would be great if you want help. I never download stuff from rapidshare and similar sites. As a general rule, make sure you have enough loops where there are joints.

indeed, images would be nice… :frowning:

Sorry…as requested, posted image

One suggestion is to have atleast 3 loops in every joint. Shoulder, wrist, ankle, elbow, knee and so on. Otherwise it looks good. The easiet way to find out is to rig it with an easy bone setup without ik chains or anything and then pose it into difficult positions.