Lowpoly Stuff

This pillar may not be that simple, but it’s still quite lowpoly -> 886 triangles (well, maybe midpoly…).
Texture is 1024x2048, but don’t be scared! It may be used to texture whole building.
My textures usually look something like this: http://the-eleventh.com/files/images/rocvalley_diffuse_5.png …So you can see that they keep a lot of detail and are very versatile.

Here’s the pillar itself:
Click for higher resoluton!

Whoa! Very nice! I like the pillars a lot.

Now if you put 4 of these pillars together, maybe with some grass for ground, then you’d have something to add to some 3D CG gallery!

I wanted to do something else than architecture, so I modelled a shrub… It’s my first time modelling something organic, and since I don’t plan to model any animals or humans… trees, shrubs and plants may be the most organic thing I’ll ever model :-).

3229 triangles overall
2397 for leaves and little branches
832 for the trunk
All branches are joined properly and nothing goes through something else.

It uses 2 textures
diffuse 512x512 RGBA
normal 512x512 RGB

It’s about 2,5 -> 3,5 m tall, so it’s quite big for a shrub.

Pictures, click for larger ones:

I’ve been rendering so many pictures just out of my curiosity… So I thought that someone might be also interested in it…

I’ve tuned the texture a “bit” so it looks more real… It’s really very saturated at this point, but that’s going to change. One render is postprocessed, so the leaves look less saturated, you can compare if you wish.

I’m also going to add better bark texture and better UV mapping for it.

I would like to do bifacial leaves, but it requires 2 times bigger texture… so I’m still hesitant about it, do you think I should do it? Would it add something to the complete quality of the model or it’s looks? I sure would be the first one to do bifacial leaves in lowpoly, hehe. (bifacial means different pattern depending whether you’re looking on the leaf from one side or antoher…)

The texture’s resolution right now is 512x512

And I would really like to see some comments this time, it really saddens me to have only 1 comment for 300 views and 5 days :-(. I myself am trying to deliver intelligent constructive criticism to others, since it wouldn’t be fair to ask for C&C otherwise and I also want to help people improve themselves and give them some nice feedback.

Here are the images, click for 3000x3000px: