Lowpoly Windmill WIP

Just looking for some crits. :wink: Just over 1000 verts. Still a lot to do though…


Nice! I have 2 suggestions: increase the wideness of the boards on the mill. those are what catch the wind, so they must be sizeable to be efficient. Also, I like how everything is moderately unaligned, makes it look realistic. Maybe if you could unallign some of the central part of the windmill?

I like the look, especially the way the bottom of the “legs” flare out a little. Keeps it from looking too “box-like”. The crooked ladder and skewed rungs help in this regard too. I can see Don Quixote coming after this thing! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! I agree with all your comments and am making the changes shortly. :slight_smile:

Alright new updated model below, now just over 1700 verts.


Nice. If you are going for something that might work it might look good to tilt all the blade things back a bit so the wind can turn them and they’re not just like a wall for the wind to hit.