Lowrider Skateboard - it's ok to be different

Hello everyone,

it’s been a while - so I decided to do a quick weekend project - just for fun.
Title: “It’s ok to be different”
Rendered in cycles, 30min @ 1000 samples, 2600 x 1300
Postpro in Photoshop/Cameraraw

Not bad! I like the concept. Maybe the grip needs some more tweaking though.

ROFLMAO. As an old skater I have to say that looks deadly. :smiley:

It’s super deadly :slight_smile: Thanks guys, yep the griptape is to flat - I have to look for better solutions next time, just 2 bump maps mixed together…

Badass. 10 characters

Nice concept and execution, Scott. I love the story and message too. :slight_smile: - Reyn

I like the concept behind this alot! In terms of bump-mapping solutions, try combining displacement mapping with your bump maps as well!

Thx guys, I am not very good at texturing and maps - but I will go further and learn more about it :slight_smile: And Reyn - I realy hope you will write an e book about your material stuff, it will sell -> I am your first customer!