lox the goblin and his precioussss

after a lot of working, posting and improving here comes…




blender & corel photopaint


sweet, looks better than yesturday.

nice facial expressions.


Looks like Mike Tyson took a chunk out of his ear. :smiley:


Hey! I don’t remember coming out into the light for this photo.

Excellent job, possibly some of the best I’ve seen! Hope to see more.


That’s one evil looking goblin ! :o
I don’t think I can say anything else that isn’t a variation on “WOW”. With liberal use of the words “cool”, “Funky !” and “awesome”. So I’d best leave before I stoop to that level ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice goblin! I would beware of modelling his character too much after gollum though,…look at some characters from other stories, or from fairy tales, like rumplestiltskin, or perhaps ‘caliban’ from shakespears ‘the tempest’.
<edit> cree wrote:

Looks like Mike Tyson took a chunk out of his ear.


I am blown away by this work @ndy! :o
This has got to be the best I have seen from someone using blender, how much was done in photopaint?

I can’t wait to get my manual and really start working on my own charactors.

Maybe it would be posible for you to do a tutorial, on this model. :slight_smile:

Stund :smiley: :o :o

@andy, this is really great. Already saw it on cgtalk where the people were absolutely astonished, that this has been done in blender.

How did you do the goblins hair? Are they postproduction in photoshop? Especially the hair at his chin is great detail!

Only thing that bothers me are the position of his hands. They have that typical cg-atmosphere of not being in the same space but rather pasted into one picture. Do you think you could optimize them so they feel more real? Or maybe its just me. Well, who knows.

I really love this work nevertheless. Great!

Great render. Reminds me of something like “Gollum meets Yoda” or if Yoda was a Sith (or maybe even a Gremlin) :slight_smile: The hair is very well done/placed. Above all this character has character. It would be great to see it animated. With that look in his eye I’m sure some interesting tales could be told :wink: Thanks for posting this.


Did you use the new translucency shader on that?

you know when you done good when people say wow … wow.

post it on cgtalk for profecional crits then maybe you get blender into there gallery :slight_smile:

steve: i already did two days ago… it had not much success at cgtalk [even though the comments were pretty positive], i think they just dislike blender.


Huge ears: good hearing

Huge pupils (Larger than he actually opens his eyes): Either lives in the dark, or he lives in semi-darkness with his eyes squinted (not likely, so I go with lives in the dark)

Crusted, broken, dirty nails: he probably uses his hands to scramble and crawl on a regular basis. Perhaps he crawls through things shorter than he is.

Huge eyes: probably low brain mass.

Ok, so what’s his story?


Hey, that’s a great character. Very well done. :slight_smile:

that is so f#*king awesome, you are the bomb!
could you post some wire shots? or maybe a tutorial, please … i’ll be your friend.

Its nice to see the overall quality of blender work going up. Landis and @ndy have made some amazingly lifelike characters… I’m not trying to leave anyone out by the way…that was just an observation.

The stylized eyes and the wetness under the nose are the details that make this work so good.

/drops jaw
dude… i mean… uhh WOW!
great attention to detail, lighting, modelling… just curious for tech details, wht type of post-processing was involved, and what kind of render time?

Ya and you know what, your work is a proof of “Blender potential” if they still don’t want to hear about blender, they are fool. hem hem, when we see a good maya work for ex. we don’t trow it aside so why should they?

i would also like to see a wire and a raw render please!
amazing work, simply amazing, i bow to you @ndy

@ndy - :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o no words except for - absolutly perfect! Realy worthy of beeing your new avatar - amazing modeling, texturing, lighting (nothing new in these departements) and awesome render - did you used the raytracer? How did you made the translucency in the ears?

oh and one more time: :o :wink: