lox the goblin and his precioussss

hmm yes a wireframe as proof …
that it isn’t really a photo
…of my old girlfriend :smiley:
:Z :Z :Z :Z

One Word… WOW :o

But what exactly is post process on that just filtering or more?

Oooh oooh ohhh :o

Very nice!


This is a very good & hard work @ndy.


Hey @ndy,

Superlative Work there – It really is the best thing you have ever done :wink:

One question: Do you want crits on this or not? :stuck_out_tongue:

A great piece of work :slight_smile:

:o WOW :o
How did… euh how Do I… aargh I just have many questions about that, it … is it?? … pff ok then
How did you do such texturing, is it a overal material, or a real uv mapped texture?
And the hair on his brow, is that fiber or planes with a texture, I mean, it looks awesome.
Please can you say more about it, it just looks :o Omg, I wish I could make such art, but I don’t know how people do such material, texturing, that’s all, I can model but a model is nothing without texture or good material. I hope you answere my questions. :stuck_out_tongue:

:o…:D…:o…:smiley: Great work looks like you had fun making him too.
Someone give the boy a render-farm.

Its gotta be UVmapped, I’d love to know how @ndy got that hair too!
Also a good thing for learning texture and lighting is to invest in some good 3D books Landis mentions some that sound good in his Airman WIP thread. Though I use the cheapo method - search every tute you can regardless of the software.

Afther I saw this awesome textured goblin, I searched for hours to find a nice little how to get a realistic texture methode, and I found it I think. :smiley: Ofcourse I chare the link: http://www.3dtotal.com/team/Tutorials/benmathis/benmathis_textures_1.asp It’s from a maya tutorial, and the texture methode is based on Photoshop, but it’s just an idea how to made such textures.

Maybe @ndy can tell use how he did the texturing, which texture methode, how he painted the texture, and how to avoid tretching textures while rigging and animating, and also the hair thingy. :stuck_out_tongue:

It really is great, but I can’t help imagining his eyeballs inside his head :smiley:

A very strong and impressive work!
Lighting, texture, composition:very good.
But for me, it falls down in the end because of the eyes. The creature looks quite real, almost touchable (of course I wouldn’t want to …). There’s no way a real creature could have such eyes. Just imagine their form and placement in the head. It’s a comic-style exaggeration, and in my opinion it doesn’t work well with the pseudo realism of everything else.
And he seems to be looking inside his own head. Looking at a portrait, one will search for the eyes and try to “connect” to them. Trying that with this picture leaves a very odd feeling: these eyes are not satisfying in any way.
One shoudl be careful with such exaggeration, especialy when something should look real.

now… an animation? :wink: -> j/k…

nice work

LOL! Awesome buddy…I have been doin’ some SSS (subsurface scattering) tests recently as a little side project…shhhhhh…anyways, I have been pretty happy with my skin results, however, I do have to say that your skin looks VERY good. Also…what is this translucency shader modron is talking about? If anyone has anything on this PLEASE let me know :o .
Again, excellent job as usual @ndy…keep pushin’ the envelope :wink: .


hehe Landis, if you don’t have it, just go get Ztonzys latest build. ( I think you already have it, 'cause I saw your alpha mapped shadows ) It’s in there somewhere. There is a little slider in materials labelled ‘translucency’. There’s a little example of it in his thread too.

I love this character, especially his eyes. It is very original, and I think you can make very good emotions with this strange eyes.
Animating will be hard work, but maybe you can make a very original thing.

wow! :o amazing work as usual @ndy. incredible job on the small details and the texturing. however, the eyes look a little too big, but mabey thats just me.

hmm… idk how andy did those hairs, mabey he has an ultra-secret beta release of Beast only for him :wink:

no, but i would like to know how u did those hairs

@ndy this is amazing…

I really hate the distance between your talent and mine. :slight_smile:

  • Sharp

Amazing!!! :o
But could you please make a small tutorial on UV mapping? How could you fit the texture on the model… Or, perhaps, if someone knows about some step by step BLENDER UV tutorial… :-?

this is the only Blender UVmapping tut I could find:
hope that helps…

love your model andy, just like I said on cgchat :slight_smile:

  • Bentagon


Great character, modeling, texturing and ligthing. Just excellent work.

I’m glad you posted your work on CG Talk.