LSCM examples ?

I now know there is basicly recipes for useing lscm, my question now is, can anyone share there own methods of the choice where to split a mesh and where to pin? Like a head mesh has basicly one defined method like in this post we all talked over with…

The conclusion was that there is a T method to the cut, now with that how else should items be cut ? likea car or a boat ? Could anyone provide example pictures ?

Every mesh is different.

Always place seams where they best:

  • are inconspicuous (i.e. down the middle of the forehead is bad, but behind the ear is good)
  • unwrap to produce as little stretching as possible (meaning that the faces of the mesh aren’t too deformed when unwrapped)
  • make life simple/are convenient

Errr that is helpful but that is basicly the same as we already had as any clue on how to unwrap this way and still has others scratching their heads

There really aren’t any great examples of seam placement for utilizing LSCM to it’s fullest.

It really comes down to where you personally find the best seam placement and what best works for you. At least that has been my experience with it.

I have a few examples, as can be seen here:

and the mesh unwrapped:

That was done some time ago, almost right after LSCM was introduced in Blender. That unwrap can be much better than it currently is based on what I have learned by doing things on my own.