LSCM Live Trasform problem

Hi, I loved this new feature, but (there´s always a BUT) I can´t grab every pinned vertex I try. It works for some and it doesn´t for others. I try to grab them and they don´t move, although the coordinates change on the left bottom corner of the Image Editor.
Any thoughts?

On my box the UVEditor doesn’t work (stops all drawing in all windows) if I’m in Wireframe or Boundbox mode. Solid, Shaded and Textured are OK.



I have only begun to toy around with it. I did notice this as well.

My immediate work around was to use the box select tool (hit “B” on the keyboard) and then select the UV. That seemed to work for me.

I’m not sure if it will work in all cases because I’m still getting use to it myself, but I hope this helps :slight_smile:

i noticed the same problem. a possible bug, i suppose.

A bug? possibly.

Also, the thing about UVs in Blender is that, for each polygon, it gives them a separate set of UVs. So, while two adjacent polies look connected, they simply have their UVs on top of each other.

I’m not an expert, nor do I know the inner workings of Blender (I’ve never peaked at the source).

However, I think the issue might be that, in Live LSCM, if you select an unpinned vertex, it won’t move. It could be that we are selecting unpinned vertices that are on top of a pinned vertex maybe?

Just speculation. Don’t take this idiot too seriously :3

esrix, that’s exactly it. To get around this, use the option Select->Stick local UVs to Mesh vertex. This keeps the UVs that share the same spot in the UV layout stuck together as one so you can pin them ands move them together.