LSCM textureing is not rendering

I am currently trying to texture a scene. I have unwraped it and applied all of the coloring, and it looks fine in textured veiw mode but when i try to render it it only shows the default gray.

any help would be Appreciated

Select the mesh in object Mode

Add the same texture to it (again) as the UVmap texture.

Click the UV Button in the 'Map To" tab

in the “map to” tab i cant find a “uv” button

make sure your texture is set to texface, and your not trying to render in editmode

its in map input not map to

This is a common confusion.

When you use the UV/Image Editor to apply image textures, what you’re really doing is telling Blender where each vertex appears in the image. Nothing more.

You still need to apply the image in a material.

With your newly UV-mapped object selected (in Object Mode), press F5 for the Materials Buttons. Click ‘Add New’ if your object doesn’t already have a material.

Now, on the far-right side of the Buttons window is the ‘Texture’ panel. Click ‘Add New’. A bunch of stuff will appear. Click the ‘Map Input’ tab and click ‘UV’. (The ‘Map To’ tab is for how the texture is used. For example, if your image represents a bump map and not colors you’d disable ‘Col’ and enable ‘Nor’. If your image has alpha [transparency], you need to enable ‘Alpha’.)

Finally, press F6 for the texture buttons. Set the texture type to ‘Image’. Again, new panels will appear. In the ‘Image’ panel, right above the ‘Load Image’ button is a drop-down box which should have the image you UV-mapped listed in it. Select it. If your image has transparency, click ‘Use Alpha’ above.

If you press F5 again you should see your texture in the ‘Preview’ panel. Now that your object has a material with the proper texture attached, you can render (F12).

Hope this helps. For more info, see the blender documentation, part 2.

Its still not working and i have reaplied the the image in the uv image editor, and selected the “uv” button.

did you try pushing the texface button and dont render in edit mode - always in object mode

Thanks i did what you guys said and it renderd fine.