LSCM unwrapping

Hi there,

I’ve completed a human model and now I’m ready to texture it. It’s my first go at UV-mapping and to use the LSCM tool. To make things a little easier on myself, I started unwrapping the head first, just to learn how, before I do the entire body.

Anyway, I’m not having much luck. I have this head, with seams:

The resulting UV-facelayout is this:

Obviously, this is not good. My main problem, which I can’t seem to avoid, is the a-symmetry of the unwrap.

What am I doing wrong? How should I go about this?

unwrapping has always been a challenge to me with any 3d app. max had type of unwrap whereyou could set the seam it would cut through. I dont know if blender has this.

as for your unwrapped model. you’re pretty lucky that it came out so well. especially for unwrapping a head. depending on which side your not satisfied with, just move the vertices to the location it would be in had it unwrapped straight down the middle. it’ll probably be alot faster than trying to find an ultimate solution.

That’s the idea behind LSCM. In my screenshots, the orange lines define the seams where should be cut.

In the releasenotes of Blender 2.34, in which this feature was introduced, a much better unwrap of a head is shown (look here). I’d like to get something similair, which should be attainable.

Well, you’re half way there halfgaar. This is a good start for LSCM, next you need to pin a few vertices and then do the LSCM again, repeat pinning vertices and doing LSCM until you’re satisfied.

Here’s what I’ve done that has worked for me. I’ll start like you, put a seam or two in and then select the vertices I’m interested in and do the LSCM unwrap. The I grab a few of the outside vertices, probably the ones in the 4 corners along the seam going down the back of the head. I’ll move these to the proper place on the image/texture and then pin (PKEY in UV/Image Editor window) them.

Yeah, this messes up the texture mapping, but if you do the LSCM unwrap again, it uses those pinned vertices as input and this initial pinning of the four corners will fix the orientation and the next LSCM unwrap will be much closer to what you want.

If you’re making a new texture, you should only have to pin a few vertices to set the orientation and relative positions. If you’re trying to match an existing texture, you’ll probably need to pin most of the vertices along the seam and a few critical vertices for important features.

Thanks zaz! That worked!

I didn’t know pinning had to be used in this manner. I thought it was just a tool to do minor adjustments. Well, I’m happy now :slight_smile: