LSCM unwrapping

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I was watching Greaybeard’s vid tut on LSCM unwrapping.
This looks like a great feature but now that I’m actually trying to make a texture using LSCM I have a question, so I hope you can help me:

When I load an image in the UV/Image Editor for my particular object (a window-sill in this case) this image represents the colormap for this object.
How can I add a specular and bumpmap to my object? More specifically I’d like to use a specmap and bumpmap based on the original colormap for my object.
When I add this in the texture dialog (F6), should I then choose UV as map input (under F5)instead of Orco? Am I correct when I say that when I use Orco this spec map will be projected only planar, and stretching will occur on the faces of the object that have a big angle with the map projection?

Are there other - more efficient - ways to do this, or is this ‘the’ way?

Thanks for your help.

(Fligh) #2

Yes, thru F6, and you can use the same image in multiple slots mapped to UV.


(NR43) #3

yep, just tried it and it works fine. I can adda s many maps as needed
thanks :slight_smile: