LSCM unwrapping


I was watching Greaybeard’s vid tut on LSCM unwrapping.
This looks like a great feature but now that I’m actually trying to make a texture using LSCM I have a question, so I hope you can help me:

When I load an image in the UV/Image Editor for my particular object (a window-sill in this case) this image represents the colormap for this object.
How can I add a specular and bumpmap to my object? More specifically I’d like to use a specmap and bumpmap based on the original colormap for my object.
When I add this in the texture dialog (F6), should I then choose UV as map input (under F5)instead of Orco? Am I correct when I say that when I use Orco this spec map will be projected only planar, and stretching will occur on the faces of the object that have a big angle with the map projection?

Are there other - more efficient - ways to do this, or is this ‘the’ way?

Thanks for your help.

Yes, thru F6, and you can use the same image in multiple slots mapped to UV.


yep, just tried it and it works fine. I can adda s many maps as needed
thanks :slight_smile: