LSDriver Starring : Psicodelic Bunny (FULL GAME)

2d game with 3d models with real physical bike, where the rabbit has to overcome several obstacles at various levels psychedelic, fun, challenging and interesting to play and know what comes next. Game made only with free programs, Blender for modeling, Gimp for images, Python programming and Bullet for Physics.


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Ok man , here the download link ,


Please give the download link

link is broken

the link :

Psychedelic and ridiculously fun! Really cool separating parts, blood, and special effects.

How did you made suspension? Physical Constraints?
take a look at my attempt.

You say you used free programs to make this but how much did it cost in narcotics? ;}

hey Blenderians , need more opinions

I really liked this game. It’s right up my street, down the alleyway, skips over a couple of walls and just keeps running whilst giggling maniacally. :smiley:

The only crit that I have right now is that the bunny sometimes partially falls off the bike and starts losing limbs before I get very far. This is hillarious, but a little distracting. On one occasion, the bunny lost his head in front of the bike, but I kept ramming into the head and even though the game was over I still got quite far.

I’ve linked the game on my facebook account since it’s the kind of quirky thing my friends would enjoy. :wink:

This is a very trippy, manic and enjoyable game, but I feel that the rabbit is a bit too fragile. Tweaking the strength of the rigid body joints (make the breaking limit higher) would allow for a more prolonged experience. I’m sure that with practice it would be fine, but the initial experience is quite shortened by the ease with which the bunny falls apart. Making the breaking limit higher would allow people to get into the game much faster and would permit greater acts of insanity before the inevitable death occurs.

Edit: I meant to post when I downloaded this a few days ago, but got distracted. This game deserves more attention.

Edit2: I actually already gave this game 5 stars (such is the way that my mind works ;)). I guess it needs some more votes before they are averaged and the thread becomes officially rated.