LSL ->python converter?

is there a app/ program that can mimic LSL?
Second Life Limited Scripting Language?

So I can convert LSL to python and back?

like when I call

llSensorRepeat(float repeat,vector angles - cone definition, range, type);

something converts that to

Collision Object “Cone” property “type or anything”------------and--------------property Sensor True
______________________________________________________---------------store properties of trigger object

I can code in LSL, because I am silly, but not in python :frowning:

If you did this HOARDS of people would throw money @ BGE so they could then feel special in secondlife :expressionless: It would swell ranks and cause all sorts of chaos… some good… :slight_smile:

I don’t know, and I have no idea about how LSL operates. You might do better to do a Google search or ask on the Second Life forums. Although, even if there were such a functionality, it would need to be tweaked to use the BGE’s Python (i.e. the BGE’s sensor / controller / actuator system and the BGE’s Python function calls). I think you’d do better just learning Python from scratch, in my opinion.

I don’t know why I can’t do it, I think it is all the other languages

LSL I think is python it’s just a series of functions like

llMoveToTarget(vector Pos, speed);
llRotLookAt(vector front, vector pos, speed rotate);


and somewhere that triggers actual python :slight_smile:

+Solarlune could tear Secondlife a new bung in moments with his coding skills :slight_smile: