LSMC problems

I have been trying to learn uv unwrapping etc by following this tutorial:
I have gotten as far as “figure 46”. It says to pin some vertices etc and then lsmc unwrap, and gives an example of what it should look like. However, mine looks completely different!
what i get is this:
please help.

You have part of the face (muzzle) selected and they don’t. Other than that all your unwrap and pinning is spot on.


thank you for helping, but could you clarify which part i shouldnt have selected? i have tried it again, but i cant figure out which bits ive got that i shouldnt…
thank you

Notice the big gap in the center of the original into which he unwraps the face in one of the following steps. Yours has the muzzle part of the face already unwrapped into that gap. He still has the ears selected (which you don’t) but he takes them out and deals with them seperately later.