LSystem Error "global name 'cos' is not defined".

Anyone got this error aswell ?
Running Blender 2.3.4 and Python 2.3.3 .

All the paths are set correctly it only gives this error when I push the generate button.

Here’s what it say’s in the console :

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 454, in bevent
NameError: global name ‘cos’ is not defined

If anyone has got a clue please let me know :frowning:

at the top of the script somewhere near where it says

import Blender

do you see a line

import math

from math import *

(or from math import cos)

if so, what operating system are you on? I’m not positive if the math module is part of the blender python.

Try installing the full version of python from here


Thanks for your reply,

I’m working on Irix 6.5 and have the full python version 2.3.3 with Blender 2.3.4.
Funny thing is that when I have set the default directory in the Lsystem python script the ‘cos’
error is gone but instead I get a new error saying :
ImportError: No module named lsystem

What could be wrong?

I have the same problem.
Im running Python 2.4.1FULL but blender detects only python 2.3
And i have linux(fedora core 3).
You can download lsystem(these version) here:
I can run this script without error in my root user. ???
But in my normaluser i cant.

Can somebody please reply? %|