Lsystem script does not work for me.

Lsystem script does not work when “add leaves” button is on. Please help :frowning: .

Use the one marked 2.28, compatible with 2.34:


Thanks :smiley: .It works now [!]

a tutorial.

I am having this problem with 2.35… I tried the 2.28 seed file with no luck. I also tried installing the newest Python 2.4. It works fine until you press the “add leaves” button. Any ideas?

A problem with the uvmapped images, perhaps. You can try to unpack the textures .

jms: I tried unpacking the textures but that didn’t work for me.

Has anyone used lsystem with 2.35?

I just tested this file:
with blender 2.35 . no problem . Delete you version, and redownload this one (do not forget to delete the current version).

That did it. The file I was using had same timestamp and size but once I deleted it and replaced it worked. Thanks!