Luanna CGI character

Hey there! Here’s my latest character - 3d stylization of Luanna Perez.
Hope you like it
Used software: Blender, Marvelous designer, Photoshop


Beautiful character. The hair is absolutely fantastic. Top row material for sure.

Great job my friend!

Awesome! Hair is the best I’ve seen for until now, good job!

Thank you!

Thanks a lot:)

Good job, my friend! Awesome character!
Чудова робота, in a word :wink:

The clothing is on point as always in your works but this time the hairs too are stunning.
PS: If you don’t mind, what is the material set-up for the shirt? It’s very realistic.

Thanks a lot!

Thank you! Here it is

Thank you, very kind!

Awesome character. I love her hairstyle.

Thank you!

Woah, nice job, sir!
You made a good design with this character, dude!

sweet girl I like her, very good job !

Thanks a lot!

ah I give you 5 stars, no thanks… well go bro.

That hair…is fully amazing…I seriously have never…ever seen better hair in blender.

Thank you!

Thanks a lot!