lua's vector art

i’m copycating drew:

WIP personal t-shirt design:

that’s it for now, i’ll update with some more stuff later. :smiley:

update. finished product:

copy cat LUA!!..i see ur following the steps of free_ality with Valarking the leader huh??
Nice design…would be cool to see it on a shirt…:rolleyes:

valarking the leader?..

anyway, way cool man. Totally different style from me, but I like it!

lol…4get what i said…

hey guys, sorry i haven’t updated. been busy with my other work (shameless plug)
ha, your terrible:D:D

yeah, i’m pretty awful some days.

check it out guys, i updated that image. i think i’ll leave it there. not bad for my first finished illustrator project.

Nice! I like Illustrators little paint effect.

keep it up!