LUCAS 3D - Sketchbook

Hello, this is my Sketchbook, hope you enjoy. Here some of my works :evilgrin:

The robot friend

Toy Train :

Pencil Cartoon

The pecil work looks gorgeous, nice texturing, rendering and, just everything, not much to say about it :smiley:

Gorgeous work. You have great texturing talent. The upper face of the toy train looks especially nice.

Great robot! I could easily imagine that in an animated film.

Thank’s guys! I’m very glad you enjoyed it! Some other works in my portfolio :

New work : Shuriken’s. Rendered in cycles ( 16 min ) - Hope you enjoy :eyebrowlift:

Nice work here! :smiley: Great to see a sketchbook from you :slight_smile:

Thank’s guy, I’m glad you like it :yes:

And this is my latest work : The escape of pacman. This is a job that made ​​for a contest game, mine was pacman. Cycles – Blender 2.69. I hope you enjoy.

Hello everyone, this is my latest work. The work it took about 2 weeks to complete. Hope you enjoy :smiley:

Blender 2.69 – Cycles 800 samples + Gimp

  • Lucas

Fried egg - You may have seen this work out there recently … :yes:

Cycles 800 samples / Blender 2.69

Hope you enjoy :smiley:

The composition and the materials , the colors … i adore!
very nice posts.

thank’s :smiley:

Hello again everyone, I’m presenting a simple job for a contest about the future and technology. It was done impromptu (near the deadline), but would like share it with you. I hope you enjoy :smiley:

Rendered in cycles - Blender 2.70

Robot energy

Hello everyone, this is my latest work - Roadblock - Done for contest about low poly. Rendered in cycles (400 samples). Hope you enjoy :smiley:

Hello everyone, this is my wolf model in low poly version ( i’m going for the high poly version now ). I hope you enjoy :smiley:

Blender 2.71 / Cycles 350 samples

  • Lucas