Luciano Pavarotti Bowling

View it full size, the thumbnail has weird contrast.

It is a mix of blender internal (for skin) and cycles (for everything else).
I used the cycles strand rendering patch for the hair. I love that patch and was pumped to see my emu in the documentation for it. :smiley:

Here are some extra goodies. I always love to see behind the scenes stuff so I am going to assume that you do too.

Viewport view of the character


Skin test

Love it, the pose is all him :slight_smile: The only thing is the eyes don’t seem wet enough, maybe I’m not seeing it well enough.

Wow! I though the background were an image. The modelling, texturing and lens effects are perfect.
Awesome work. Professional stuff. It’s 99/100 imho, but the hand holding the cloth doesn’t look 100% natural imho, I’d make his thumb holding it more firmly, like pointing downwards, dunno exactly because it’s really perfect. Also, the hair doesn’t look 100% but I can’t point exactly why. It’s so perfect that it’s very hard to see any flaw.

Bravo, good work, I just don’t get the background image, why not a stripper bar? lol

Lol. I chose a bowling alley because I read somewhere about a Poverotti impersonator who’s first job was the grand opening of a bowling alley.

this is pretty hilarious, nice job

Place a remote in his hand. Then that would be hilarious.

Nice job!


Amazing work!
The background is a very well done and it also works nicely. (not an image brentison, full 3d modeling)

  1. We still don’t have SSS in cycles…
  2. Maybe some texturing on the clothes? (bumps)

Haha this made me chuckle. I can just imagine him bowling in the afterlife. Great work!

Interesting. Glad you shared the behind the scenes info…

Thanks guys! The thing that I just cant seem to get to right is the way that the hair (especially the beard) looks like it is sitting on top of the face instead of growing out of it. I have it set up so both ends of the strands fade to transparent but that just doesn’t seem to do the trick. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.
Perhaps it has more to do with the shadows. Using two renderers the workflow became a bit wonky.

I’m no expert, but stubble texture on the face itself may help with that

BWAHAHAHA!!! Clever. :smiley: