Lucid Dreaming- Unofficial Discussion Thread

I was reading through Wikibooks, when I found a very interesting article about lucid dreaming (when you can realize you are dreaming and can change the dreams however you want). I was very excited of the possibilities of lucid dreaming after reading it. Here’s the article: Make sure you understand what lucid dreaming is before you post.

Short Description of Lucid Dreaming:

      Lucid dreaming is when you realize you are dreaming and attempt to change what you are dreaming about.  This can lead to dreaming about incredible things that you could never experience in life.  Ever wanted to fly over your house?  Flick your boss to China?   Maybe even visualize the creation of a 3D model? It's all possible in a lucid dream.

      Before I go any further in this thread, I should set some limits to what can and cannot be discussed.

You MAY discuss…

The Placebo Effect
The causes of Sleep Paralysis
Methods of inducing lucid dreaming
Any lucid dream that you’ve ever had
Your reality checks and how frequently you have them
The dangers of lucid dreaming
False Awakening

You MAY NOT discuss…

Any religious uses of lucid dreaming
Any sexual use of lucid dreaming
Anything labeled “Controversial”

      Starting tonight, I am going to keep attempt to remember some of my non-lucid dreams (people have multiple dreams per night, we just don't remember them).  I only remember a handfull of dreams, but once I remember them, I remember them for years.
      After about a week, I will start posting a dream journal and my progress so far.
      I really hope this thread isn't breaking any rules.  If there are any inconsiderate posters in this thread, I apoligise for them and hope that it won't lead to a locked thread.

Cool topic
I have read some about lucid dreaming and some ways to induce it. The simplest and for me the only successful way is the “reading test”. When you are awake read something, a few words on a news paper or sign look away remember what you just read then look back and read it again. If you are awake the words will be the same if you are dreaming the words may be different. Get in the habit of doing this all the time. You may find your self dreaming when you least expect it. This worked for me after a few weeks of doing the test allot. I was in the waiting room at my doctors and I was doing the reading test with the magazines laying around and suddenly I realized I was dreaming…
This really worked for me and is a very interesting thing to do in your own head I think some meditations are similar but I never have the discipline to pull that off.

This is a little off topic, but:

Did anyone ever have dream deja-vu? In short; you had a dream about something and then that happened in the future for real.

I feel those momments from time to time, but because I don’t really remember all my dreams all that clearly, I can’t really confirm it one way or another.

Did anyone try cataloguing their dreams, and if so did you ever have a momment from your dreams repeat in the future?

I’ve only had a couple of lucid dreams. The problem is that when I realise I’m dreaming I start to concentrate too hard or try too hard to make cool stuff happen. Then I wake up. If there was a way to get lucid dreams every night, I would do it. Then I could get some work done in my sleep. :slight_smile: (yep, I’m an engineer)

I’m gonna give it a go… even though I’m not that fond of sleep paralasys(experienced it a couple of times, and it really really sucks) I’ll report as soon as I have a lucid one:P

Yep, cool when it happens, though it happens very rarely in my life.
The other type of interesting dream to me is when I go to places that only exist in my dreams. These are places that I revisit many times. There are a few such places, mostly pleasant places, but one or two rather dangerous ones too.

Thats so cool! Oh im gonna try that. IF I ever lern it, i will try to use JEan Greys forces from x-men!! hehe :smiley:

Lucid dreaming? Didn’t know they had a name for it. I’ve been able to do it as long as I know, though the last 4-7 years it hasn’t been as much as before. But yeah, it’s pretty cool.

There are always some ‘limitations’ when I’m aware I’m dreaming. For example, it took me quite some time before I learned to fly. I had to try out different methods. It’s been a while since my last flight.

Also, when I had nightmares (and I knew I had one), I just imagined myself on top of a stair so I could jump off it (to wake up). But if I was really able to think clearly in a nightmare, I would know nothing would happen to me (and just get some popcorn and finish the rest of the scary dream). Besides, at one point the ‘jumping off some stairs’ stopped working. I just got used to it too much (the last time (looong time ago) I floated down slowly with a soft landing).

I won’t discuss anything sexual related, but yeah… being able to lucid dream has many different benefits.

Thanks for the link.

Been doing this for a few years already, is a good site for discussion.

Happy dreaming :stuck_out_tongue:


Glad that everyone’s taking this thread well- I was a little worried that it would get out of hand after I posted it.
Well, I’m getting in the habit of reality checks right now. I guess I have to start somewhere :smiley:
Sago, I didn’t know you could dream lucidly? Have you ever used it to help create something in 3d?

Let’s not forget that dreams… are only dreams.
When we’re having a lucid dream we KNOW we’re dreaming (by definition) and thus it isn’t as pleasurable/exciting as if it were to happen in real life (wink towards Sago ;))

Mostly when I’m semi-asleep I try to influence my thoughts and what’s happening in them, but strangely I always get pulled into a direction I don’t want to go by an invisible force (usually I have to imagine a stronger force pulling me in the direction in the way i DO want to go… i know… very weird that I can’t even do what I want in my own non-sexual fantasies).
I remember several lucid dreams where I KNEW I was dreaming, but oddly I never tried to alter what was happening.

What did you guys start out with, to learn lucid dreaming?

I’ve learned of this only a few months ago, I’ve tried it a few times and left it alone. I’m usually too tired to remember about it when I go to sleep and so on. But I’ll give it a serious try now, I think.:smiley:

I’m starting with frequent reality checks (example: Try to stick your hand through a wall. Did it go through? Guess what. You’re dreaming)

After that, I’m going to try to remember my dreams.

Once I’m able to remember my dreams, I’ll be able to realize when I’m dreaming. Then I’ll be able to change my dreams.

A really interesting example of what you can do in a lucid dream was yelling out colors to the sky and changing it, that’ll be one of the first things I’ll try once I become lucid :smiley:

Something I read in Omni magazine many years ago taught me this:

(I know this part is a repeat of shr1k’s post)
Throughout your day, every day, read something, look away and ask yourself “am I dreaming” and re-read the thing again. If you’re awake, it will be the same when you look back. If you’re dreaming, it won’t be. If you do this enough, you’ll start to realize that you can’t exactly read in dreams. And you will start catching yourself dreaming on a regular basis.

Now, if you’re dreaming and aware of it, and you can feel yourself pulling out of the dream, spin; Simply spin around in circles. That will pull you back in.

Something that I discovered on my own that will also help you is to pay attention to your posture. Everyone has those dreams that you’re trying to run and you just can’t seem to get anywhere. When that happens, notice your posture. I think you’ll find that you’re completely hunched over; nearly 90 degrees. If you slowly bring your body up you can find the ‘sweet spot’ where you run incredibly fast.

Wow…funky stuff…:eek:

I remember Omni thats probably where I read about this. Thanks for reminding me. Unless this is just a dream and Omni never existed;).

I was very excited about this, but today I had a wierd thought. What if you are just dreaming that you are having a lucid dream. In other words, you spend all day thinking about having a lucid dream, so guess what, you dream that you are having a lucid dream. If you think about it awhile, it will make sense. But the problem is this: you may THINK you are controlling your dream, but really it was just another dream where you just “lived it out”, only this dream was about you trying to control your dreams. Food for thought.

@ san_diego_james
I think that is a good description of what is going on when you lucid dream. I think the experience of a dream within a dream is not uncommon.

All the time. Well, not so much anymore, because I don’t remember dreams anymore, but a year ago I was always having the feeling of familiar situations, even once or twice on a web forum. Haha.