lucid dreaming

Decided to start this after I read some of the comments made in the “lucid dreamer” thread in the finished projects forum, started by Robertt.

Just wondering how many people do lucid dream and what they think about it.

Personaly I have never heard of lucid dreaming, I understand that it is being able, to some extent, to control your dreams so being half asleep and half contious that you are in a dream. In that case I lucid dream all the time, that is I always have control in my dreams, but I do not seem to able to remmember many of my dreams (i’m lucky to remmember 1 dream a month)
I found ways to improve my memmory of my dreams and ganna try them out.

anybody have any oppinions?


I often forget everything right after I open my eyes. I’ve never been able to control what I do in my dreams. If I could, I would dream of setting a bomb in my school and watching it go KABOOM!! :stuck_out_tongue:

When I was younger I woke myself up during nightmares (really bad nightmares). Now I rarely remember my dreams (too exhausted most of the time).

What I remember about waking up was that it was incredibly difficult. I was aware that I was dreaming, and any control I could exert was put towards waking up as quickly as possible.

Good luck with your lucid dreaming, Mystery00!

One question: how do you know you can control your dreams if you don’t remember them (just curious)?



Because if you can control them you’ll never have nightmares and wake up happy? :stuck_out_tongue:

People with lucid dreams usually remember them.

Lucid dreams are more powerful than regular dreams, in that they are so vivid you are actually conscious of yourself in the dream. They are very rare, and you always remember them when you wake up. I’ve only had a few lucid dreams, all when I was around the age of 8. That’s also about the time I stopped having nightmares.

Now I just have hilariously confusing dreams. One recent dream had peacocks, junior high students, a field full of hard-boiled egg halves with two different coloured yolks in them, and a girl who could play the piano with her feet. All in the same dream. But it was so vivid; I remember everything. Not lucid, however.

Dreams are damn awesome. They’re the one place where you can do the physically impossible. I wish every dream was lucid. I would be a robot or something.

i regularly lucid dream and find its a really good way to de-stress. Its not really that hard once you get the hang of it, though you have to be able to remember about 90% of you dreams to be able to reliably get to the lucid state.

The trick is being able to identify when you are actually dreaming and then tel yourself you are dreaming without waking up (if that makes sense).

The idea is basically that you can do whatever you want to do even impossible things and your senses tell you that its really happening.

For those interested try this link :

-i know that looks suspect…its not, but it has a very detailed…read 6 pages, 7000 words…essay on what, how, when of lucid dreaming and is how i learnt to lucid dream.

i hope that helps those interested.


See I have never had a problem with realising i’m in a dream or controling the dream, the only probleme I have is acctualy having a dream to be lucid in (does that make sense?)

See to lucid dream (for me and I think most people) you have to be half awake, you need to be able to kinda know where you are and I still sometimes hear everything that is going on around me, but to enter a dream you first have to wake up during it, and since I sleep like a rock, theres no way in hell i’m ganna be able to wake up, now every time I want to have a lucid dream I just set my alarm to go off at about 4:00-6:00 in the morning, If I don’t wake up during a dream I just go back to sleep and set it to go off a little later, usually I wake up during a dream though and if I’m not too tired I concerntrate on something, anything as long as it doesn’t alow me to go back to sleep.

Then I enter the dream and since I know its a dream its easy to control it. My favourite lucid dream was when I was spider-man (sounds stupid, but I like shooting web at people, and crawl up buildings)

You can even enter a lucid dream while being fully awake in the middle of the day, its very hard and I have only done 2 times, but it acctualy (from my experiance) gives you more control over the dream, probably because your not as tired and can concerntrate better.

anyone want to share their techniques in entering a lucid dream??


I often thought of getting those dream-goggles. They detect REM and emit a flash of red light in the corners of your eyes, notifying your brain that you’re dreaming and ‘wakes’ you up during the dream.

Then I thought… naturally I don’t lucid dream and maybe I shouldn’t be messing with my subconscious when my conscious is still so royally screwed. :wink: Might be my subconscious realxing or blowing off steam and maybe I shouldn’t disrupt that.

Lucid dreams are awesome. I used to have one about once a week, I got lazy about it and stopped trying for a while though, but recently I’ve started trying again. It takes a while to get good at it, but it’s worth it. A good site about lucid dreaming is by the way.

Weirdhat, that is an awesome site!!! Thanks a lot!!

I’ve been trying to Lucid dream for a long time. I have always had very vivid dreams, within which everything always seems pre-ordained, but to Lucid dream so I can manifest all that I may wish and go where I wish has always eluded me.

I even looked into buying a ‘Lucid Dreamer’, which is like a blindfold that has infrared sensors which register rapid eye movement whilst you are dreaming and sounds a small buzzer near your ear. You teach yourself to wake into your dream when you hear this buzzer sound.

Regrettably I didn’t buy it, but I always try to Lucid dream, or try to make myself aware enough within my dreams to be able to envisage what I want.

Dreams rock, I wish something was around that could record them.

Sonix. seems to be a decent site. Interesting stuff. I used to (when I was really young) be able to lucid dream quite often, but these days I don’t dream at all much. Any ideas on how to induce any sort of dreams? I can work from there.

Ok… I’m not sure if I should be saying this but…

I have been studying not only lucid dreams but also human PSI and most importantly, Chi or Qi for around 2 - 3 years now.

But first things first, right! I’ll be brief and will only add new info to the forum.

To lucid dream you must have utmost confidence that you CAN control your environment. Also, I find it easiest to lucid dream in the morning after I’ve been woken up and fall asleep again.

Confidence is the most important part of actually changing a normal dream to a lucid dream, except whenever I do it I usually have to ‘keep everything together’.

Now then, to go off on a tangent, since I’ve been doing this stuff I’ve had some strange experiences. Things like telepathy(yes, I’m dead serious) what appear to be ghosts and sometimes my dreams actually predict the future.

That aside, chi helps amazingly in dreams. If anyone is interested i’ll tell you how to use chi in reality or a dream.

i can’t say i’ve ever lucid dreamed but i have had extremely vivid dreams where it was like i was awake and just watching an extremely engaging movie. So much so that waking up was really disorienting because it happened suddenly and to my mind just looked like i had blinked and appeared sitting up in my room with no real transition from sleep to being awake.

I don’t dream often but the ones i have i usually remember. Mostly because they are all really, really weird. (by weird i mean stupid random weird). One that sticks with me for some reason is when i dreamed i was in a shopping mall, shoplifted a pair of tube socks and put them on. An alarm sounded, the socks exploded (don’t ask) and i died.

One weird thing i can attest to though is sleep paralysis. It freaked the heck out of me when it first happened. I Woke up and opened my eyes, but i had absolutely no control over the rest of my body. i could move my arms about 1/8th of an inch but not any more. Its like the feeling you get when your foot falls asleep, only extended to the entire body. The first time (i was about 10) i honestly thought i was going to die. I tried to shout but aside from a little rush of air, nothing came out. freaky. Then i learned that its actaully quite common and usually harmless. Sleeping on the side of my head seems to help. COmes every couple weeks and happens most often when im really tired and especially if i’ve stayed up till six writing a paper, drop off, then try to wake up at 7.

as for lucid dreaming, i don’t think that i’d want to have control over my dreams like that. half the fun is the fact that absolutely any crazy thing that you can or can’t imagine will end up happening. Though i wouldn’t mind not always ending up in a position where im about to suffer a horribly painful and utterly meaningless death :stuck_out_tongue: . Anyways, i probably wouldn’t be able to control my mind that way. I cant even control it when im awake %| .

i think that when people claim to see the future in there dreams, all they see is a super general dream, which after an event, can be translated into the event. my opinion

/me runs off to go lucid dream… i hope

Just wanna state a little fact: Everyone drems. Many times a night too. But most people forget most of their dreams.

HendrixLee: I dream about the future too, and I’m not joking either, I acctualy write down what happens in my “prediction” dreams so that I don’t forget and usually what I dream about happens, and then I have proof that I have dreamt it cus I wrote it down.

I have an entire theory on dreaming, and predicting the future, and so far my theory is holding together, I wont go into much detail now but this is basicaly it:

Things repeat themselves, in your life time you have probably noticed lots of things that seemed to have happened before, your subcontious remmembers every bit of detail and experiance in your life (this is somewhat of a fact, not just my theory) in your dreams the subconsious takes over and puts things together for example things that have repeated them selves, if something repeats itself more then a few times it creates a pattern that the subconsious picks up and predicts the next time something will repeat its self, thus predicting the future. You can only predict the future when you know the past.

This is my theory.


PS: this might help explain my theory a bit more, thinks about maths, yes maths it crap and I hate it but its true, in a sequence you know the next number from the previous numbers, life is the same but on a MASSIVE scale with so many calculations that its impossible for a person to consiously see the sequence, but we only use 15% of our brain, where does the rest go?? maybe it go’s into these calculations.


but we only use 15% of our brain

That’s an urban legend.

Everyone dreams. People that think they don’t just don’t remember them. The first step to lucid dreaming is to become more aware of your dreams (dream journal). You should be remembering at least one dream a night before you even try to have lucid dreams. Anyways, there is tons of info about lucid dreaming on the net and also lots of forums and chat rooms that are very active. Google for it! :smiley: