Lucid - Waking Up

Revisited an old scene and tried to bring it to life along with updating some textures.

Since it is procedurally generated, I’m still struggling to figure out good solutions to glitches like the topology popping out and flickering at some places. Other than that it’s not too bad I guess.


Great job! I really like the iris. :+1:

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Happy to hear!

is the eye also procedural or a model?
maybe let the abstract lines move all the time and not only when the eye moves? The jittery movement of the lines could be smoother this way.

The eye is not procedural! Letting them move constantly and linearly was actually the first idea, but I scratched it off in order to make it seem like it has a reason to move. Sort of how a chameleon changes skin color based on other internal parameters, instead of it changing all the time for no reason. Although this may be a post-rationalization, really I just think it looks more fun to see it reactive as such haha