LUCIFER | Work in progress pt.2

more progress on my previous work in progress topic!
LUCIFER | work in progress

being basically my first ever character sculpt from scratch, I’m quite happy with the result


I like it. Think LUCIFER looks quite different in real. But it it is a good picture and study of a lucifer face that everyone has in mind. But that is a picture or a 3d sculpt of lucifer a hundreds or thousends or million people did in the past. It is not special an will not become special. But anyways a nice study of lucifer. :wink: If you think about lucifer… there is more possible than an obvious human face mixed with horns. What ever… good work and i see that you did spend a good amount of time to create it.

Well, thanks…I guess?
Criticism is good, actually I like it when people point out things I can improve - but I don’t see where you’re trying to go with your message:

  1. You’re assuming that I was aiming for something unique, and that I was promoting it as something special and unique, when you really just had to open the linked topic to read my statement:
    "Currently working on this character, as I’m participating to Raf Grassetti’s character design contest. Theme’s “UNDERWORLD” so I’m going with the most traditional devil ever, because why the hell not?" (pun intended)

  2. You’re assuming that I went for this look because of my ignorance and not because of an artistic direction - when in this topic I’m clearly saying that it’s my first 3D sculpt, so I kept it easy, simple and classic :slight_smile:

Giving feedback to other artists is good, but man, do it nicely. Telling a total stranger their work “is not special” , is quite uncalled for and rude :slight_smile:

Oh and, just to close this topic, saying “Lucifer looks quite different in reality”, when talking about a completely fictional character - that’s the funniest thing I ever heard :smiley:

he paul,

keep it on. I had a bad day. You are absolutely right. Give your creativity no limit with my stupid comentar!
It was not constructive at all.It was just my personal opinion the moment I saw the picture. Go on. I really like it.
I really apologize for that ! Have a good time and fun!