I’d like to introduce my new character Lucina to you :slight_smile:
Work time around 20h, made in Blender Cycles with textures from
Feedback is always welcomed

Challenge: Find Suzanne, she is very well hidden and pretty hard to find.
Clues: She is in the bottom half of the image and is not part of a texture or so
If even one person manages to find her I am amazed xD


I suppose Suzanne was used as a boolean operator to cut the hole around the knee into the trousers…

@shauser67 Suzanne is in the image as an actual mesh, not a texture or hole or so. But your guess is close xD

:rolleyes: if you want people to enjoy your games, at least play fair (provide proper size image)… :ba:
:stuck_out_tongue: enlarged 1000%

@burnin and all annoyed people: I’m really sorry, I should’ve done that, but you did find her ^^ Next time I will render in 4k for things like this.

its great work so far, but i think the creases in the jeans, around the ankle especially, look unfinished. it looks like you painted in a clay strip then forgot to sculpt it.

@SmallTroll you’re right, I did forget to sculpt that xD Thanks for pointing it out, I’ll definitely pay attention to that in the future or if I come back to this project.