Luck's End - [Scifi Film in production for six months now in post]

old work, links dead

Oh before anyone else contacts me, I should have said that a portfolio or samples of previous work would be appreciated.


Such a film like this using Blender as one of the tools would be great publicity for the program. And this is already after Elephants dream and the showing to many people at SIGGRAPH. There’s also Plumiferos which potentially will have even greater impact.:slight_smile:

w00t! I love you!

2.43 will have the chromakey node which will help greatly in removing your blue/green screens, altho I think Hoehrer has a wip with current nodes. good luck with it; altho the project might last you thru college…


One thing that got my attention is the fact that you’re using both Icarus AND Voodoo. Was it because of features that the two didn’t have in common?

Anyway, good luck with your film.