Lucky Luke

I am back into Blending, been a long while now…but I decided to get back on it, and the first project is that I will be doing my version of Lucky Luke :smiley: enjoy, and constructive crits are welcome, no fanboy posting please, since I will remove those :slight_smile:

first out is the legs and bots :slight_smile:


It looks like he has a knee ridge instead of a knee cap. It is just too sharp where the knee bends.

I tend to agree with Strongbad about the knee area. It does look pinched and not flowing properly there.

The boots seemt o have an odd ridge across the top too. Looks like you have too many poly’s for what you are attempting to create is all though.

Nice to see some work by you again. It has been too long Sten.


hey man lookin good.

the heel on his boots look strange

is it just me or does the hair in the shadow on your reference image go the wrong way