lucky me

(jonnierod) #1

I just had to share this one. I was down at my local library returning some of my daughters books when I noticed a large table of books with a sign saying that all the books were for sale, 25 cents a piece. I casually browsed through the varied selection when the word “blender” caught my eye. Sure as anything, there was a Blender book sitting in the pile. I thought to myself, this has to be an older book. But to my suprise upon picking up the book, it was for version 2.03! Realizing these library fools had no idea of what they were just giving away, I snatched up the book and ran to pay them the measley quarter for it, and now I have Ton’s full book on Blender, I love it! Some people just don’t know the value of what they have.

(VelikM) #2

A gift from out of the blue, you must be living right. 8)

(Timonides) #3

Good gracious God!!!

It seems like you’ve fell from a cliff and not only you were saved but you have also found a wallet!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you lend me some luck please??? I sure need it lately… :stuck_out_tongue:

Good thing for you man!!! I sure wish you, to enjoy your new Blender manual. :smiley:



(sten) #4

YAY :o !!

that is luck !!

(joecool) #5

I bet you there aren’t 2 blender books in all the state of West Virginia, Let alone for a quarter at the library
//rushes out to check, wait library closes at 5…sigh :frowning:
I can’t believe you found that geez…that’s awesome!

(jonnierod) #6

yeah, the thing that probably suprised me the most was that my library carried the book in the first place… that was astonishing.

Of course, when I brought it home and told my family and friends how excited I was I got a lot of blank looks… I guess we can’t all be blenderheads.