Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Some more scripting fun.:stuck_out_tongue:
The Stars are actual Planetarium Star Position Data.
The Chemical Files are Real Chemical Files.
The Diamond is a Scripted Primitive.


Well, the diamonds’ material isn’t that realistic, but other than that it looks like more cool scripts.

The text is kind of tacky, but this would make an interesting movie poster in the 60’s


I still think that’s awesome that you create these with Python! Awesome!

thanks for the replies.
Yippee, The Diamond material could be improved, yes.
It was more difficult than I thought, to create from scratch in an essentially “Empty Environment”.
CD, there is more than 1 reference to the 60’s in this image.
Moonflower, Thanks.
RedJay, Thanks also.

I tried to keep this image simple & fun.
The somewhat 60’s “Tacky Text” is very deliberate.
The reference to the Beatles song…
Combining the required elements, in keeping the Cryptic nature of the Song Title.
Lucy: It took some time to find the correct chemical structure files. (yes it is lucy)
In the Sky, lol, that’s real sky too.
I tried several things with the Diamonds, warping them, 60’s textures,
in the end simplicity won out, as I wanted each element to to be visible without going 60’s crazy.

I am totally in LOVE with that sky!

haha :slight_smile: and what about that molecule? is it really L-ucy in the S-ky with D-iamonds formula?

of course it is!

If i did not see this kind of renders/art-work, I feel missed something!