[Ludum Dare 40] Pain Reaction

I’m extremely proud to present my teams work this round:

As the manager of a cutting edge power plant, your job is to generate as much power as you can, as fast as possible. Your prototype hyper-reactors are perfect for the job, but if you don’t manage them carefully you’ll set off a Pain Reaction!

Made 100% in blender over the course of 76 hours. Take work and school out of that and I think each person on the team put 24 hours total into the final product.

Banner Media Studios consists of:
Dr. Binary - Programmer
Binder - Additional Programming
The Rise Undaunted - Music and SFX
Taco Lord - Cool guy and Picker of Fonts.

I still can’t believe we were able to get this done and in such a short time! It was a lot of fun and we definitely learned a lot. Anyway, we are happy to share the blend files with you all.

You can download the blends or the executable package from my drive https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Sq_zLsyq3Zs0UM6rhT2AhE0dtmAZkXnF?usp=sharing

To run the game from blender, you only need the two blend files, open PainReactionMenu.blend and play as usual. This method should work on any OS, the exe is only windows for now.

If anyone participated, be sure to rate our game at https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/40/$52446

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