Ludwig constraints won't work

Hi. I’m trying to animate Ludwig.

I’ve been having a lot of frustration getting Maya to work, so I figured if anything I could just work on animating something in Blender. Anything. Just a daily regiment of animation practice or something.

Anywho, I want to animate his arms using FK. So, I selected his forearms to take the IK slider and slide it all the way to zero. But when I select his bones in pose mode, nothing appears underneath of the selection options for “constraints.” Here’s a screen capture demonstrating what happens:

There’s nothin’ there.

Why is this?

What do I need to do to get a hold of Ludwig’s constraints?

Thanks in advance.

You need to put the bones onto “x-ray” mode under Editing(F9) => Armature panel. Then you will see his bones showing through the arms. At this point, select the now visible forearm bone and move its slider to change influence. Now under FK, you can move the two arm bones as expected.

Uh - are you aware you need to unlock permissions for me to see that image?

Hi Anayo,

You are looking at the object level of the armature. The constraints for the bones in the armature are found under the edit buttons. Constraints can be applied to both levels. Since the bones are components of the armature, their properties are found in the component menu.

I looked under the edit buttons (F9) as well as the object buttons (F7) and couldn’t see any constraint sliders in either of them. Did I understand your instructions correctly?

Did I understand your instructions correctly?

It sounds like it… but I really don’t know how that didn’t work for you. When I open ludwig, select his arm bone in pose mode, and go to the edit panel constraints, I see them. Did you pan the buttons window over to the constraints area with the middle mouse button? It’s usually not immediately visible.

Otherwise maybe try downloading ludwig again?

Other then that, I really don’t know what else to suggest.