LudWig Golf Swing

First try at a golf swing for Ludwig :smiley:

Didn’t try motion /vector blur yet, am experimenting with it.

I know his right hand comes off the club :slight_smile:

LIghting / ground textures (lack thereof) very crude, doesn’t look remotely like an outdoor environment … I’ll take a look at Colin Litster’s Bsod material articles, but any other suggestions for a realistic outdoor lighting setup / tutorials would be great.



Pretty good, but his knees bend from side to side too much, and his standing pose is a little to the side.
Otherwise, the animation is quite realistic, and the expressions on his face are good.
I think you could do with a sky, you could try a textured sphere but for the cartoony style you’re doing I’d just do a simple white and blue Clouds texture with the builtin texture thingy.

i would try having less key frames it more distinktive places to try and smooth out the legs bending up/down and sideways through the swing,
still cool tohugh :stuck_out_tongue:


I wouldn’t experiment with special effects like vector blur until you actually have the animation finished. Needs more work. Instead of looking like a swing, it looks like a set of conjoined poses. You really need to work on blending shapes and movements.

he hooked it! oh man, into the pond. darn! Does he get a mulligan?

Maybe have him swing back a few times before finally hitting the ball. Also the knee should probabley move as he swings not before. Looking good. Keep trying to improve, these things take a long time to get perfect.