ludwig rig modifications ?

is there a simple way to modify the mesh of Ludwig to put your own mesh data ?

also is there a way or a script to list vertgroup of bones when you select some verts ?

thanks for any feedback

happy bl

well I was hoping to change the mesh for another one
but I guess your right with shapekeys and some constraint it might not be possible

guess will have to make my own much simpler rig

happy bl

It can be done, but it takes time and you have to have knowledge of rigging’s drivers and constraints. Plus, you might run into problems because that character is an older blender 2.49 file, some of it might need fixing to work in 2.7x.

Instead of making your own rig, why aren’t you thinking about rigify? The standard rigify rig is a good rig with all the features anyone would need. Rigify can also create a pitchpoy rig that has full facial rigging for mouths, eyes, lips, etc…

Rigify was created by the blender team for the Sintel movie to make rigging human characters faster. It works.