Ludwig setup

Hi all of you.
Just want to know if there are any tutorial on how to rigged a characher body (not the face) exactly like the ludwig model?The hand,arm,spine,foot etc…

There will be exactly that (and more) in the book I’m writing:

Not ready yet, though. Sorry.

For the most up-to-date tutorials, be sure to check out the BSoD, especially the rigging section.

Beyond that, the best you can probably do is research “Action Constraints” as they are the key to a lot of Ludwig’s fuctionality, such as finger curling. Also take a look at IK Solver Constraints.

Some of the info you find may be a little outdated but persevere and you’ll get there. Start simple (move one bone with another) before trying to build an entire humanoid skeleton.

Once you’ve got the basics, you can keep referring back to Ludwig to see how these principles have been applied.

hey all

I built the armature of a ‘hand’ just like the Ludwig example file. I set an action, and the Constraint Action for the ‘spread’ move. Unfortunately, when I move the ‘controler’ for the fingers spread, the spread angle is not coherent to the controler’s movement (the controlled bone is inert once a given angle is achieved, then instantaneously flip to an extreme position defined by the action). By error and guess, it appears that the values Min, Max, Start and End are not set correctly. Could I have explanation on these 4 settings? I can’t make the controled fingers behave just like I’d love…

Start and End seem to be obvious, but why (in the Ludwig Exemple) do we have Start 1 and End 21 for the Curl action, and Start 21 and End 1 for the Spread action?

How do you set Min and Max, what these values represent?
(Edit: yes I read and yes I now understand that these values are angles. But still my constrained bone still flips from two extreme positions within a frame.)


sorry for bothering, everyone: I understood my (stupid) mistake. When I defined the Action for spreading the fingers, I created keyframes only for the first (out of three) bone of the finger.

I redid the Action recording the keyframes of the three bones of the finger, and the controller then behaves correctly.


Sweet, the writer of like half the tuts on blender resources…

I thought Ludwig came with a tutorial?

Well LGM wrote a tutorial on how to animate with Ludwig, but other then that, it’s “figure it out yourself.”

But, I did try to write out a few documentations which talk about techniques Ludwig uses, (look at signature)