Luft's Sketch Dumpster

Shameless self promotion, even though I haven’t anything good to promote. I’m just going to use this thread every week or few days or whatever to post whatever I’ve been doing. Normally I don’t bother post unless I did some cohesive set, but then I always have to start a new thread so I guess I’m starting another thread to just be my sketch thread.

Most of these will just be photos of my sketchbook and won’t be proper scans, so pardon the quality. It’s just sketchbook stuff anyway.

That’s it for now, you’ll be seeing more from time to time. My Tumblr account is linked in my signature, so feel free to follow me (although I tend to post a little personal stuff from time to time).
I’m sketching some stuff for a few paintings I want to do, trying to work out composition and lighting and all that fun BS. I’ll be posting more later, but here’s some gangsters (click through for full size)

Another sketch I finished this morning.

Nice sketches…what caught my eye was your bad santa! correct me if he is the good one and the Gangsters!

Edit: Hidden for judging purposes.

Here’s a few more things I did a little while ago and haven’t gotten around to posting because I wasn’t sure if I’d be breaking contest rules. I took a little break and I’ll be posting a lot more frequently soon I hope.
(Click here for full)
(Click here for full)
(Click here for full)

Great stuff. The worm things in the clouds in particular grabbed my attention.

The Mexicans needs a little definition on details to make it pop out!

Very nice stuff - I think my favorite is the watercolor portrait