Luger 1917 lowpoly model

Hey there,

This is the 1917 luger for the Word war one first person shooter called Verdun-Online. A project which i’m working on for quite a while and which is becoming a great succes. Well i’m now modeling the Luger and I would like to here your C&C on it.
I’ll let the images speak for them self:

That’s all for now, i’ll update soon.

the modeling looks good thus far, the render could use some smoothing and anti-aliasing though.

an animation of the bolt group would be pretty cool


uhmmm. this looks rly high-poly for a game.

can we get a polycount?

Unwrap done, texturing starting now:

by the looks of it you use detailed reference, so ist probaply right, but the trigger looks strange to me.
ive never seen a Luger in detail so i might be wrong.

what are the black and white squares? is it a test texture or a special blender feature?

Beautiful, I’ve been watching Verdun for awhile now and I love your models. At one time I was gonna decide to go and help you guys out but then I got caught up in a different mod and I stuck with it. Good Luger, I’ll need to make one of those eventually ;).
Alpha Red

uhm. i feel kinda ignored here.

can we get a polycount?