Luigi The Mad Cook

Hi BlenderArtists

this is my latest project. It’s for the German blendpolis community challenge “Center of Power”. It was a Cycle challenge, so we were just allowed to use Cycle for rendering.

It last 3 weeks till finish.

EDIT: Here’s a little breakdown.

Some Clayrender:

A few more WiP-Render:

Love it! How did you do the fire?

The only thing i notice is that the knife on the left looks like it has no materials or texture. I’m sure it has and the reflection is just blowing it out, maybe turn it slightly to make it seem more metalic?

Great work!

EDIT: Ah, now i see how you did the fire, you answered quicker than i asked.

wow!! really nice!!! the fire looks nice! and the character of course!!

whats he cookin

Lovely! *5

Fantastic image. Very dynamic. Cool crazy mustache.

I really like it, but something seems kind of off with the hand… I can’t pick out what though. Other than that, great job!

Oh boy. I don’t like the looks of this. He must be making a zombie casserole!!! :slight_smile:

I love this; it makes me smile.

I don’t, however, love the pan he’s using; it’s dull, uninteresting, and a slightly odd shape.

This is brilliant. 5 Stars from me. Worth the gallery.

Superb, I’m under a great impression; one of the best Blender work this year, gallery quality for sure! 5*

oooh! nice

super, its really good and I hope you get a nod for the gallery

congrats on blender nation! you deserve it!

I don’t like it.

Nice!! I really like this.

From a non-Blender expert but artist, I would recommend more blue on the flame/light on the bottom of the pan.

Really creative work on the fire! Everything else looks just as superb. :slight_smile:

extremely good work!!!
So much serious work around…
A piece for our gallery IMO.
well done indeed!

spooky eyes he has :eek: