Luigi's back

Yo all,

After being on holiday for a few weeks, and not being able to model. I came back and finally finished off, Luigi’s body and gave him a simple rig.

I know the textures need working on. But the basix colours of Luigi are there.

C&C welcomed.

looks good so far. However, I seem to remember Luigi as being slightly shorter…

Good work on modeling. :wink:

yea, i dont think hes head is quite that tall.

but great start!

On Luigis Mansion he does look like that!

Anyway, brilliant work so far.

Hehe thats where I got the images from for making him.

I might add in his vacum cleaner.

What do use think?

His butt is HUGE…

not too bad i think its cute but not in a ghey sort of way

Hmm so no problems you think of except for a head thats big (but is ment to be.) and a big butt. I’m glad theres nothing that wrong with him :).

Ive been using him as my test dumby for animating. I got him to walk, run, jump, side jump open his muth and cower a bit. The animaton looks alright but the frame rate is low so in some places looks jerky.

Ow the joys of learning. if you want to see it just tell me where I can load it up to so use can downlaod it.

i know hes really tall when he screams but he would be more recognizable if you scaled his z down 25%