Luka meets suzanne

Luka meets suzanne while building a scene.

Megurine Luka ( 巡音ルカ ) was the third Japanese Vocaloid2 from Crypton. ( Crypton Future Media)
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Made from scratch in Blender 2.65a


How on earth did you do such amazing anime hair???

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I only find confusing that light star on Suzanne, and also the size of Suzanne. If it were not by the title I would not see Suzanne because size and that light star on it.

i have an explanation on my da page, but in short i just use a combo of cube and bezier curve.

I agree it was kinda of a lost thought thing, her finger nails are led lights and thats where the star is coming from i have a new image that’s 1920

The lighting’s pretty good, and I like the ‘bloom’ you’ve got going on the lights. I think that her arms are rather thin, though. She also seems rather stiff, like her back leg isn’t bent at all and her left leg is completely straight and completely under her. If she’s supposed to be walking, I think you need to extend her gait more-so. Her right-hand fingers are also flat - they could use bending a bit. Finally, I don’t actually see Suzanne (the monkey) anywhere in the scene… Am I missing it? Is it in her left hand? I only notice the Blender logo.

EDIT: Ah, it is in her left hand. I thought she was curling her fingers up, when actually the knuckles I saw were really the ‘nubs’ on Suzanne’s head.

Her right hand / fingers are bending it’s the angle of the camera that make it looks weird and she is not walking, it was just a random standing pose i did from a different render i did. Thanks for feedback will go back and check out some of the other stuff.