Luke Skywalker - Lego Minifigure

Hi All,

I took my previous Minfigure Models I posted here and took it to the next level. I used Shape Layers/Tracing in After Effects to create the decals and the hair was created using BrickSmith and LDview. This Minifigure is based off of the Jabba the Hut Lego Set I had when I was a child. I decided to recreate him in all of the 3D glory :slight_smile:

I rendered this in 4K using, the scene took up too much memory for my 2GB GPU ):


4K (2160x4096) using
90mm Full Frame 35mm Camera @ f/stop 128.00 (No DoF)
BlenderGuru’s Pro Lighting Demo for Lighting (Yes, its good!)
Infinite Background/Studio BG - Medium Gray

Post Processing in After Effects
-FilmConvert using the A7S S Log Gamut +1 Profile with a FJ Prov 100 Film Stock (Full Frame 35mm Stock as well)
-Levels Adjustment
-Glow/Blur on Light Saber
-2 Highlight Boosting Power Windows

Thanks Everyone :slight_smile:

Good Vibes everyone, Cheers!