Luke Skywalker's First Lightsaber

WIP but I think it is finished unless I get some really bad crit here. Feel free to be honest. I want it photoreal.
Blender cycles no compositor.
Any other problems?
What would you do in the compositor?
Douglas E Knapp

Rerender not sunk in table.

Luke Skywalker’s first or Anankin Skywalker’s last (before donning the Vader suit)? :wink:

Nice work.

I am not a Star Wars expert but based on my research for this project, it is Luke Skywalker’s first hand made and a copy of his teachers Obi Wan Konobi (SP?). It is primitive as it was made in a cave. He did not have parts and it was his first one to be made by him. The one in the first movie and the shape of most of the others is much more complex with a hood over the laser part like the one he received from his father.


Ah… I assumed by “first” you meant the one that Obi Wan gave him :wink: