Luke Skywalker's Lightsabers

These are Luke’s two lightsabers (his old one and his new one) that I modeled. I’m working on a tutorial right now for them, but I probably won’t finish it for a little while. If you want the .blend file, tell me.


these look great, can’t wait for the tut!

is this done via the halo thing in the materials ?.. i need somthing that can be animated like the saber turns down and then on … itrs grow and retract… in my special case the size of the saber has to do any zize… i did test with halo material and its goo worng when i do a smal zize on the saber… :confused: i think what i need its a post prosecing and render layer stuff but have no idea of how to…
could u please share the blender file ?.

Very nice. although on his first saber there are some problems where the long black slats are. You gotta keep in mind that those are windshield wipers so there is a very clean line between the two.