Luke's Escape / Animators (for scene blocking)

Hello Guys,

My name is Waqas and I am the Director of Luke’s Escape ( Recently we have an opportunity to present our short film at Blender Conference 2013, Amsterdam and also in Blendiberia 2013, Spain. We had a good response from the community overall and now we are heading on to complete the short film this coming year.


Waqas Abdul Majeed (Talk) Blender Conference 2013, Amsterdam:

Oliver Villar Diz (Talk) Blendiberia 2013, Spain:

Luke’s Escape Teaser:

Exclusive Tutorials DVD Promo by

Also we have now a full rendering support from Render Street ( and Luke’s Escape is announced as an Open Movie. We have amazing people working on our team already and have finished a lot of things (i.e Modeling, Texturing, Characters & Environments) but we still have things that are left to do and we are looking forward to expand our team.

We are looking for:

// Animators (for scene blocking)

We don’t have a huge budget but surely a decent one and we can talk about it.

If you are willing to join and would like to contribute in the project, please contact [email protected] ( I will get back to you quickly ) We can organize a SKYPE meeting to get started, I can show you more of finished work so that you get a better idea of the project

*We will be sending this film to number of festivals and looking forward to complete it in around 7-8 months. THIS IS A SERIOUS PROJECT!

Oh yeah! Would be great if you could send in your portfolio :slight_smile:

Thank you,
Waqas Abdul Majeed (Director)

Id have time :). heres some sort of portfolio.

I’m interested, but apparently I can’t PM you…something about your PM quota being full.

Hey MikeJM,

It seems fine. Could you please email me at : [email protected] :smiley:

This should definitely work…

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Thanks! Sent the email.