Luke's Escape - Game

Hello Blender Community,

I am writing to share a news with you about Luke’s Escape Project. Many of you would remember me presenting Luke’s Escape at the Blender Conference in 2013, we intended to make it as an Animated Short (An Open Movie) and share it with the Blender Community.

Luke’s Escape Trailer:

Unfortunately, it’s been really hard to finish the short in past 2.5 years because of less funds for animation, resources even though we had a great full support for a Renderfarm from Render Street.

Here comes the news: We are not going to abandon the project, in fact we will tell Luke’s story in another medium. Luke’s Escape is going to be released as a game by the end of this year.

Why a Game?

Recently I launched my first game on Steam with a small team: Deer Man - It’s a short Interactive Storytelling Experience about a guy who wears deer mask to project deer in the woods from the hunters.

Though it has a very minimalistic look and feel but it still needed a lot of work to develop the game and put it on the store:

You can find Deer Man on Steam:

Coming back to Luke’s Escape, I’ve learnt making a game is a lot different than an animation, two major reasons in my opinion:

  • Rendering in Game Engine is real time.
  • Luke’s Escape game will be in First Person therefore good decent but minimal animation loops will be required unlike detailed refined animation in the film. (We can get it done with few animators)

So it’s going to be a game!

Luke’s Escape Game:

Release: 2016
Platforms: Pc, Mac, Linux
Stores: Steam, PS4 (PSN), Xbox

We have finished our first environment from Luke’s Escape game - The Room. You can have a look in the video below, this room isn’t completely finished. But it should give you a glimpse of the quality we are aiming at:

The below video is 15 days of work in Blender & Unity 3D:

WIP Room:


  • Story (Completed)
  • Level Layout & Gameplay (Completed)
  • Adding Props
  • Animations
  • Development

Need a Team (Paid Project - Let’s Discuss)

We already have great people working on the project and I will surely introduce you to them soon as well. To finish the game we need few more people on-board with us. We are looking for:

  • Prop Modelers
  • Texturing Artists

With no further delays we will have Luke’s Escape out this year as a game. If you would like to be part of the game, please write us at iowaqas (@)

Together we can further discuss the payment and legal documentation.

We finally have a chance to tell Luke’s story, we are passionate about making it happen in the form of a game and the time is now!

Thank you and looking forward to hear from you guys,

Waqas Abdul Majeed

Sending an e-mail.
Let’s discuss some details :slight_smile:

I used Unity 3D in my Game-design classes, So I know my way around it and how to do most things using it, Let me know it you need any help with your game.
I’m able to work; I have a free schedule so I can work any hours and/or days.

Hey man Im interested.

My folio