Luke's ROTJ lightsaber

My latest lightsaber model. :smiley: What do you guys think?

looks good though could use some better textures


some wierd AO artifact by the belt clip in the first one. other than that looks good but boring.

Too thin around the top, and the control is too bulky/sticky, and the textures need work. Other than that, neat!

mystery00: Thanks! I’ll tweak the textures this weekend.

SkeLeToR: Already fixed the AO artifact. I’m sorry you find the image boring. I’ll try to jazz it up for you.

Dracarys: I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean about it being too thin around the top. I followed a reference pic of the prop and it looks accurate to me. See:

My refrence pic

My model

Gj, it looks very much like the real thing

Great job on the modelling.

bnbguy, put some skratches on the saber itself. also put it in some environment. like on a metal table or something.

one word: raymir. :wink:

and thin up those silver bands (the accordiona like things)