Lum and Abner

I am wanting to do a short about the radio show lum and abner. I am not sure how far I am going to get before I can’t go any more but I am going to plug away until I finish or can’t go any further. I am a newbie so here goes nothin. I have all sumer to work on it as much as I want to and the radio show was a favorite of mine and my families. We were highly devoted listeners in the 80’s in alma arkansas. below are some pic of what I have modeled in blender 2.57. It was alot easier then I thought it would be. It’s probably alot harder if it is done right or something. Anyway let me know what you think I should change or work on.

I can see a couple of things right off. First, to get rid of the faceted look of the stove, you need to click ‘set smooth’ in the toolshelf over on the left, assuming you are using 2.58. Another thing is, the glass on the counter looks too flat, and has no reflections. For it to have reflections, you need to toggle on ‘ray mirror’ in materials, and set it to a low strength, and also enable ‘ray transparency’, in give it a depth of at least 2-3, but not much higher. then set your alpha value to 0.
(edit) also, you’ll need to enable transparent shadows for the material under the glass.

Thanks for the advice, I am definetly going to be working on it

This is what I did today so far.