My second artwork that I’ve sculptured and rendered in Blender. Clothes are made with Marvelous Designer. Texturing in Substance Painter. Hair are made with hair cards. Feedback is very welcome.
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nice work !!!
i kinda thing the hair is a bit Missy !!

Thanks. I’ve tried a lot of stuff with hair. And maybe was at last a bit of tired and was not too careful with short hair. But at least I’ve developed some techniques with cards and next time I will spent more useful time on them.

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yeas card hair are alot hard, specially the texture that we use.
i still cant get the hang of it .

Why the texture is hard to use? What do you mean?

Also I think it is more easy then particles hair.

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yeas it easy than particles hair, but i find it hard to create the hair texture !!! and harder to create the hair style with cards !!!

How do you create textures? I’m creating planes with particles with different settings, apply material and render. It turns around as quite not difficult process.

oh… this is new to me… i used to paint thim with PS or find some samples online which didn’t work for me !!!
but i never thought of your idea ? !!! i think i should give it a try

Yeah. And I think you can create almost any shape this way. I think I’ve seen this technique somewhere on Youtube.

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i will chick it out !!
thanks for the tip !!

Camera in orthographic view. Something like that.


ok this is really helping !!!
i am actually creating a new character, i got confused on should i creat realistic hair or stylized,
but this will help !!!

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I featured on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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Very good work.
Granted that many technical tweaks might be added or done differently, you make a believable figure.
Since he is not actually in a forest, cutting down an actual tree, you then, in a sense, make it harder for yourself, as artist, to get everything of him & his fragment of tree-trunk perfect.
If he were “in the woods,” & the piece of the trunk were a whole tree, I don’t think it would be fatal if his hair, or some other detail, were not perfect - we would accept the entire scene without too much technical quibbling.
I don’t mean to make artistic decisions for you - just a thought…
As mentioned, very good work.


Thank you! As for beginner, my first intention was to learn some new software and techniques of creating human figure. So you are fully right about environment. Hopefully, in my future works I will spend less time doing what I’ve already learnt and more of what is better for artwork.

You show very good potential to do just that - keep going toward your goal.

Thanks! It’s very inspiring)