Lumia 920 - WIP

Hellooooooo! So this is my first real attempt at modeling a high res object with blender. I chose the Lumia 920 windows phone because it is beautiful, simple, and I want one.

Here are some pics!

Here is the actual lumia 920 front view

Another view

i took a few liberties with my own model however. The screws are actual screws rather than torx, and I shaped the charging port a bit more than the images show. I have a fair amount of work left to go!

It’s really hard to tell whats going on in grey view with the front, because there are no buttons or color or any texture yet…it’ll get there.

Hope y’all like it.



Added buttons.

And started on the camera stuff. Still needs the LED area.

And the top and camera done. Time to start materials. This should be interesting, as I’ve never done them in Blender before.

And a wireframe for good measure…

cool - textures?

On their way next :slight_smile: