Luminosity Question

Hey ya’ll, i was just making this pic as a desktop for my dad as a present. (it’s one of his favorite expressions.) Anyway, i was wondering if it is possible to make a glow effect in blender without post-pro? not an emit effect, but one that actually changes to the color of the space around the net? thanx!

here’s the pic so far.

I can’t see any pic…

At least not with Fire Fox.


The easiest way to do this would be in post-pro. In fact, that’s how a professional would do that sort of thing anyway. Is there any particular reason why you can’t use post-pro?

Anyway, the way I would do it is to use Blender’s Sequence Editor and add a Glow effect to the scene. You can adjust the effects settings with the N key. Also make sure the “Do Sequence” button is pushed in when you render.

<edit>And I see the pic fine using Firefox…</edit>